The major advantages and disadvantages of Expedia flights travel agency: Brief review

This company is one of the most used online travel agencies. Although it was opened in the USA, the customers can use its products and services worldwide. They provide clients with such services as:
  • vacation packages;
  • hotels;
  • attractions;
  • cruises;
  • rental cars and many others.

The perks of using Expedia flights and hotel offers

Just like any other company, Expedia travel agency has its own advantages and disadvantages. In these Expedia reviews we are going to look at some perks that are provided. The rewards program is presented in blue, silver and gold tiers. The customers can get some extra perks such as free drinks with gold and silver. The customers are also allowed to receive bonus points in case of booking their VIP+ access hotels. flights also makes it possible to book tickets online. The customers can find the most important information on the homepage of Expedia website, which is also convenient for the users, no matter if they are going to book Expedia one way flights or round trip ticket. With the help of the filters, you can find the most beneficial offers due to your likings. Car type or amenities, rental service along with the times of arrival and departure are included in the filters. Using this website, you can simplify the process of booking packages greatly. One of the best services offered by the agency is Expedia airport transfer. The customers are able to book the transfer while booking hotels and tickets.  The service makes it possible for them to know who their drives is beforehand as well as the cost of the transfer. They can also request some specific driver.

The advantages and disadvantages

The agency is good at:
  • user-friendly reward program;
  • save on car and hotel packages;
  • upgraded price at checkout;
  • great customer service;
  • a simple cancellation policy.
There are still some drawbacks, which are:
  1. Although date search is supposed to be flexible, it is not that flexible.
  2. There is no option for booking directly with the airline.
  3. Multiple city search is rather limited.
  4. Expedia air travel agency misses the lowest price occasionally.
Despite having some drawbacks, the agency is one of the leading travel companies. They offer the strongest rewards program possible. The clients are able to use and benefit from the products of the company and make their travelling easier. Moreover, the agency not only has a user-friendly website, but the clients are also offered a mobile app. This makes  the company even more attractive to people. Obviously, the benefits outweigh its drawbacks, so it is definitely worth using it so take it into consideration when booking your tickets.